Galleries and Exhibitions

Here you will find collections of my work as well as Exhibitions of Curated works around a theme or concept. All are available for purchase. Please contact me if you want something custom designed for your space.

Grand Tetons

The splendor and beauty of this place is unmatched. Chasing light becomes a quest for igniting color and the actions of mother nature.


Extracting the unseen from everyday objects and creating new totally unique, one-of-a-kind works of art. This work brings me great joy every time I uncover the unseen. These are major statement pieces that will transform your home, office or lobby.

Foto Pintura

This is a collection of my newest work of hand crafted digital paintings. Each has been carefully transformed into a style and expression that evokes joy and brings to mind traditional forms of art.

Black and White

Black and White images bring me back to the days when I fell in love with photography. It is an art form that requires careful selection but mostly images speak for themselves as being better in black and white.

Magic of Maui

The Hawaiian Islands are a truly magical place on earth and Maui is my winter home. The beauty surrounds you like the sweet smell of plumeria.

Modern & Contemporary

Inspired by artists of many genres and recalling the past these images depict our modern work in a style beyond the original context. Surrealism, impressionism, expressionism and pop-art are a few styles I love.

Paris Extraordinaire

Paris is a magical city full of culture, romance and beauty. I have created new works of art to express Paris in new and unexpected ways. These are some of my favorites.


Humpback Whales travel each winter from Alaska to Maui Nui, Hawaii to give birth and breed. The crystal blue warm waters between Maui, Molokai and Lanai create a haven for these magnificent mammals. To experience them close up is life affirming.

Steven Palmer Photography
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Beauty is often discovered in the ordinary. Sometimes unseen shapes and colors only emerge when you push beyond comfort. For me the camera is more paintbrush than recording medium. The photo is merely a starting point... My work is sometimes "traditional" photography but mostly I aim to interpret and reshape the work to artistic expression unbound by the "rules" of photojournalistic realness. I don't experience the fear of saturation or composition.

Picasso is alleged to have said "Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist".

“Steve's work expresses such joy for the subjects and for making art. We love seeing the unexpected through his eyes ”

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