Video Stories

Humpback Whales 2022
The amazing humpback whales make the 3500 mile trek from Alaska to Maui each year to give birth and breed. Its an unforgettable experience and on this day the whales decided to investigate more closely. During the 2022 season I spent many epic days on the water capturing the beauty and magnificence of these creatures.

Heavenly Honu
150 million years before the fiery birth of the Hawaiian Islands, even before there was a Pacific Ocean, the first honu (green sea turtle, Chelonia mydas) raised its head from the water to breathe. Each day at morning and again near sunset island visitors fall in love with turtles every day of the year. Children squeal with delight, grown ups wonder at the beauty of these creatures. This film celebrates my own excitement about these inhabitants and hopes to share the magic of the honu with everyone.

Hanau ka po ia honu kua nanaka
From the darkness of time came the sea turtle with its plated back
- Kumulipo: A Hawaiian creation chant

Glorius Honu
A morning spent at Ulua Bay, Maui with a DJI Mini2 drone. Shot in 4K with the help of Kyle at Mauiskywalker. The Honu makes a beautiful appearance then takes a dive into the stunning waters of Maui.

Grist for the Mill
The Cedar Creek Grist Mill is a historical grist mill located in Woodland, Washington listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The mill was built in 1876 by George W. Woodham family and A.C. Reid. I visit the mill throughout the year and never disappointed.

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