About Me - Steven Palmer Photography

I am a  Los Angeles  native who fell in love with photography in the 7th grade. It is amazing how a teacher can ignite an interest that turns out to be life long. Mr. Edwards was our advanced mathematics teacher and the school yearbook advisor. For some reason when I joined the yearbook staff in 7th grade I got handed a camera and told to take some pictures. I have been hooked ever since. 

Fast forward to today.  I have now spent many years shooting all sorts of images with all sorts of cameras.  Of course first on film and then with digital. In recent years I moved to a full frame digital camera and it has made all the difference.  So now I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III and will never look back. 

I hope you find as much joy from these images as I. My passion for photography is reignited and I expect to continue shooting until the end!